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Attainment Levels of Intercultural Competences

During the process we decided to stay with the levels A to C known from the attainment levels of language comptences.
In addition we used four catagories: Perception, Communication, Attitudes, Behaviour. To be aware of intercultural differences is our basic level A.

The medium level was separated in B 1 Intermediate and B 2 Advanced. For B 1 one has to be able to identify intercultural differences and in B 2 one has to be able to deal and adapt to different cultures in perception, communication, attitude and behaviour.
Compared to language abilities intercultural competences are far more difficult to categorize. The attainment levels of Intercultural Competences can be used for orientation and can be expanded.

The developed attainment levels could be used in portfolios or in intercultural classes, workgroups etc. and should be discussed as it happened in workgroups in Austria. To set up attainment levels of Intercultural Competences was far more difficult than expected. One must be careful not to see these attainment levels stipulated.
Intercultural Competences are far more than one can bring on paper.

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