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All lesson plans are under the License for the Non-Commercial Use of Content in School and Universities

"Copyright (c) 2006 Teaching Culture Project Consortium,

Alexandra Haas (Project Coordinator)
Head of Dept.
Rhein-Sieg VHS
Ringstr. 24
D-53721 Siegburg
Tel./Fax +49 2241 30-9746/-9729

This work may be used by anyone in accordance with the terms of the MuSofT License.

The terms are made available at our homepage as a .pdf Download as pdf file
or at http://www.uvm.nrw.de/opencontent  
or may be retrieved upon written request at the headquarters of the Kompetenznetzwerk
Universitätsverbund MultiMedia NRW, Universitätsstraße 11, 58097 Hagen, Germany.