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Moodle FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

Different types of contribution
Different types of contribution
  1. How correct should my postings be? My English is far from perfect.
  2. Can I upload a picture in the Moodle?
  3. How can I upload a picture?

1. How correct should my postings be? My English is far from perfect.

We are not testing your English. We just want to hear what you have to say. If you think of the lines of a conversation rather than a speech then you will be going in the right direction.

2. Can I include pictures in the Moodle?

Yes. A picture, graphic or cartoon can often be worth a thousand words. So please feel free to add images to your posts.

3. How can I upload a picture, e.g. in a forum entry?

For option 2 (insert photo) you will generate a dialogue box as shown below when you click on the insert
image (framed mountain) icon in the tool bar.
The following dialog box appears:

Note: You must make sure you only send .jpg or .gif files.
You need to go through the following steps working from the bottom of the dialogue box up to the top.

1.  Find the picture on your computer, select it and click "Upload".
2.  Your file will then appear in the file browser list.
3.  To add the image to your post click on the file name in the file browser.
4.  It will then appear at the top of the dialogue box. Write a title in the ‘alternate text' box and click "OK".