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Portfolio, a document for the participants to document their progress

Portfolio of the Teaching Culture! participants
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The portfolio, a document of the participants progress

The portfolio is meant to help the course participants to make the most of their “blended learning” experience (online and face-to-face learning). The sections in the portfolio collection demonstrate the active involvement in the online learning experience as well as a reflection about the participant's progress. We hope that this portfolio will help them to identify opportunities for integrating intercultural communication into their regular classes.

What about self assessment?
Towards the end of each of the three modules there was a formal meeting with the personal tutor of the participant. The portfolio was used to discuss the personal progress with the tutor. It is crucial that the participant see the portfolio as the personal assessment of her / his learning and take as much responsibility for its successful completion as possible.

Participants should make the portfolio as their own!
This portfolio should help the participants to establish their strengths, evaluate their accomplishments during the course and set new goals for improving their intercultural competence and didactic skills.

The portfolio includes also a CD-Rom which offers a wide range of interesting material and can help the participants to gain an overview of the Teaching culture! project.

Download as .pdf file Download an empty portfolio as a .pdf file.